A Bit About 


Lyndi Marie Proudfoot

Lyndi Proudfoot is a curly headed optimist with a spark filled love for life. She is the idea gal and manifestation specialist behind Kamhlaba’s. Growing up in Fort McMurray, Alberta, multiculturalism was very prominent in her life. This taught her the value and pricelessness of learning from various and diverse worldviews and cultures, while holding respect and love for all to the highest degree. Lyndi is a '4.5th generation Canadian', whose family immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine and from Scotland.

From summers as a child camping in the Rocky Mountains, to trekking on frozen creeks branching from the Athabasca River, a deep-rooted love for nature was instilled in her. Questions of how..., why..., and well, really why... led her on a path to living a continuously growing conscious lifestyle, environmentally, ethically and spiritually.

Lyndi Proudfoot holds a Permaculture Design Certification, is a Registered Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, Visceral Manipulation Practitioner and Reiki Master. Lyndi currently studies Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences in the stunning land we call the Yukon. She is a rock collector, collage creator and future community café establisher, a boundary pusher in this time of transformative turmoil. Lyndi is passionate about land reclimation and restoration, the infinite wonders of the human body, eco fashion, fermentation, 'living city' urban planning design, cooking with local foraged flavours, sacred geometry and community creation.