Dream Chaser Foundation is a rural Non-Governmental Organization providing after school classes, home work club, and health programs to children in Elmina, Ghana. 

Dream Chasers programming focuses on heath and wellness, teaching children about how the body works and how to best care for it with good nutrition, sanitation, and living conditions. They also focus on social skills, how to hold high self-esteem, teamwork, respect, conflict resolution and cultural awareness. Dream Chasers believe that this positive teamwork will undoubtably lead to beneficial change for Elmina and surrounding community. 

Kamhlaba's Agrees ! This is why we have created a collaboration with the Dream Chaser Foundation, in supporting their efforts. Lyndi Proudfoot met Daniel Korsah the founder of Dream Chasers, in 2013 while in Ghana, and since they have established a strong relation. 


Kamhlaba's organized a soccer equipment drive for unused and unneeded soccer gear in the community, and the Fort McMurray Youth Soccer Association was kind enough to donate the funds to send a big box of football gear, by boat, to the Dream Chasers Foundation in Elmina, Ghana. 

We plan on continuing this bi annually. 


Stay tunned for updates on the soccer equipment drive and future collaborations !